Call Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions PrimeCall.
Whatever the size of the company, efficient and courteous handling of telephony calls is a major factor for successful business. Prime call provide business call center solutions as featured;
• Longest Idle distribution
• Uniform call distribution
• Delayed Ringing
• Automated attendant
• Call Queue waiting Message
• Priority Routing for VIP Call
• Busy on Busy
• Intercept to VM
• Walking Extensions
• Call queue Reporting
• Busy override by supervisor ….

Networking Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure PrimeNet
The dynamics of IT are Changing. Just as many analysts and pundits predicted, big data, mobile and internet of Things are putting an ever increasing strain on the network. While this change empower end users around the world most networks are unprepared for the added stresses on already fragile infrastructures. The rest of the data center has sped ahead (Servers have been Virtualized, the software powering them have changed.) but the technology powering our networks has remained essentially unchanged;
PrimeNet will take your business to the “Third Platform Era” of Innovation IT. The Concept is powered by Network becoming increasingly resilient ,dynamic and agile to adjust to application demands accordingly .

Access Control Solutions

Access Control Solutions
PrimeAccess offers:
• Door automatic installation and servicing of all forms of automatic door and Closures .systems
• Access control and intercom systems to suit any size .
• Stand alone and Networked Access control systems

CCTV/IP Surveillance

CCTV Solutions
• We have professional surveillance equipment that includes the most up to date CCTV in the market I.e IP Camera ,HD systems.
• Experts in wireless CCTv and intruder systems
• Using a variety of cameras, from dome to zoom to pan and tilt, supplemented by infrared follow light conditions, we can ensure the activity you want is captured
• We also provide a full phase of accessories to complement our equipment such as camera mounts and covers for external installations
• CCTV when set-up in conjunction with a monitored control room can be a powerful proactive crime prevention tool, especially when monitored by trained personnel
• Images can be stored for as long as you want by utilizing both onsite and offsite recording facilities. We currently provide up to 90 days of storage as standard practice for many of our clients
• Complex multi-site viewing platforms can be streamed using the internet into a centralized command center for both monitoring and storage
• CCTv Maintenance Packages
• Bespoke designs and install to any technical requirements.

Tracking Solutions

Tracking Solutions
Primetrack tracking systems offers:
• GPS Vehicle Tracking
• Canbus data reading
• Remote Tachagraph download.
• Route planning and Monitoring
• Automatic Driver Identification
• Door open sensor
• Workforce Management

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