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KAZLIPA® is a full featured payroll system with full capabilities and that is extremely easy to use. You can use it to run your payroll whether you are a single company or multi-company organization because it supports multiple hire and pay companies. That is, the software will produce reports for several other companies within your group and enable payments at different times.

It produces all required reports and can export net payments to any bank. The format required by your bank can be created by yourself or done by our team and then sent to to you to add it to the menu. It can also export data to financial institutions, government agencies such as NSSF, NHIF and lets you configure all these by yourself.

It will handle any payroll because the pay codes are easily added or modified by yourself. The software comes with a range of pay codes that you can adopt and use or copy to make your own. They range from earning methods, deduction parameters and taxation based on flat amounts, percentages, lookup tables or combination of all these. They will cover all known area of concern such as employer contribution, exemptions, relief, base or gross salary pegging, amount limiting, pension, hours, leave, overtime and so on.

You do not have to redo your salary every month because recurrent amounts whether based on formulas or not can be done for you every month. You are also given the opportunity to run several trial payrolls until you are satisfied before committing the final pay. The trial payroll can be based on an individual, a group or a company.


Employee Information

With just minimal information, new employees can be setup and ready to be paid. Additional information, when available, can be added to the master file with our easy employee payroll set up system. The system allows only unique employee number and it is impossible to have duplicates.

Employee Lookups

A simple multifaceted employee lookup is available in all screens and locating employees can be done by partial first or last names, employee type, company or location. This lookup is used in the master file as well as during payroll input.

Multiple Pay Transactions by Employee

An unlimited number of pay earnings, deductions, taxes and other rates can be maintained for each employee. This is important if you have employees who work at different jobs with different rates of pay.

Historical Data

Historical data is recorded up to the capacity of your computers and the rest can be archived in MS Excel Formats. Reports can select from current and historical data – for example you can reproduce an employee’s tax card of several years ago.

Payroll Data Input

Import data from a time and attendance system – KAZLIPA can accept payroll input from any time clock or time keeping system that produces an interface.

Import data in Excel® format

KAZLIPA can import data entered into an Excel® worksheet. Use this feature to import hours, pay transactions, mass basic increments.

Trial Payroll

You have the ability to ask “what if” by running a trial payroll for an employee, pay group or the whole company. You can view trial payslips and reports and correct if necessary before running the final payroll.

Payroll Processing

Process payroll on your schedule – Since you control the payroll process, you process payroll at any time at your convenience. You can process one employee, pay group or single companies. Each pay group can be weekly, biweekly, monthly or any frequency you choose.


Some of the features supported include;

Supports Multiple pay groups that:

      • Support weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly payroll.
      • Can be run separately or all of them together.
      • Control period frequencies

Supports three types of employee classifications:

      • Salaried
      • Hourly Rate
      • Scaled Basic and Hour Rate.

Has no limit on:

      • Number of pay scales that can be defined for each company.
      • Number of earning, benefits, deductions or taxes that can be defined.
      • Number of employees that can be defined.
      • Number of Reports that can be deployed or customized
      • Number of pay codes that are to be used.
      • Length of history to be accumulated.


      • Employees can have additional earnings, benefits, deductions taxes applied as an individual or within their pay group.
      • Service Vendors payment is supported and can be accumulated and sent separately. These are third part recipients such government agencies, mortgage and credits firms, insurance and pension agencies etc
      • Allows you to define own pay codes that controls an individual or group pay transaction.
      • Supports Multiple tax rate tables by pay groups or company wide
      • Supports multiple companies or single company setup.


      • Report menus are user customizable and also supports own report development.
      • Reports can be sent via mail electronic media and added to the system by the user.
      • Payslips can be saved or sent via mail as attachments in Ms Word, Ms Excel, Acrobat PDF or Rich Text.
      • Authority tax forms are produced individually or company-wide and previous years can also be accessed.

Value Adding Functions:

      • Has customizable general ledger interface.
      • Recovery of missed days from leave.
      • Direct leave payment through payroll.

Comprehensive security such that:

      • The database can only accessed by authorized personnel
      • Each user has own profile and data view level
      • Users can be restricted from viewing data of particular employees
      • Users can be restricted from viewing certain reports
      • Users can be restricted from viewing certain pay groups
      • Users are restricted to own roles and menus
      • It auto shuts itself if left unattended

Extremely easy to use and learn:

      • You can include only those functions required by a user in a favourites menu such that they have their own list of task to follow daily, weekly, monthly or routinely.
      • All data windows use consistently the same icons such than learn one and you have learned all.

Requirement & Technology


KAZLIPA employs client server technology where the client is the front office or the user PC and the back office is an oracle, DB2 or flat file database. Oracle and IBM DB2 are used in a network environment and for medium and large organisations. They allow hundreds of computers distributed locally or within a large geographical area to access data. They are bought separately as owner’s software and are not bundled together with KAZLIPA. There are free Express editions that can be used for small and medium companies and have all functions of licensed full products.

User Requirement

The client can only be installed on PC running windows 98, 2000, XP,Vista and any Windows Version. The client can also be installed on NT workstation but does not offer optimal performance.

A Pentium PC with over 256 MB memory and over 20GB hard disk is preferred. Higher specifications personal computers will deliver better performance.


      • Oracle and
      • IBM DB2

Oracle and IBM DB2 are supported and should be installed in a Pentium 4 or above Server or workstation with 512MB or above and at least 80GB hard disk or above. The server should be running Microsoft Window NT 4/ 2000/2003/2008 (and above) servers.

Flat Database MS Access Compatible

Ms Access compatible is a flat file database and can be placed in any server taking into account of available disk space for current and future growth.


Any configuration of TCP/IP network will work. Bandwidth of connections should be adequate to cover adequate data transfers and will be determined by the number of remote computers connecting.

Licences & Support

Licence Notes:

        • No Limit on Number of Users or number of sites.
        • KAZLIPA License is given to the entire organization.
        • KAZLIPA License is supplied and paid within initial cost.
        • KAZLIPA License is permanent – No annual or renewal fees.
        • KAZLIPA License is not transferable to other parties.
        • Free Oracle/DB2 database available for small and medium organization.
        • Oracle/DB2 Licenses obtained from Providers or Dealers.
        • Only Oracle/DB2 server licenses are required as KAZLIPA users need no License.

Support Notes:

        • Annual Software Support Agreement is signed after the system is in production.
        • Support Agreement is not necessary if trained IT is available within.
        • Support Fee is about 15% of the initial cost and may be negotiated on level of support.
        • Data support is payable and we can do payroll for you for a small fee.
        • Data out sourcing is charged at the lowest available rate in the market.
        • We support our partner’s customers indirectly or directly through their own Vendor.

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