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OMEGA Software

Restaurant Management Software

Whether you are running a small high end restaurant or a chain of diners, O-Live will make managing it easy, efficient and profitable.

Retail Management Software

O-Market provides comprehensive Retail POS for business and consumer-faced solutions that can be scaled to meet the needs of every type of business.

Hotel Management Software

O-Tel is a powerful and very easy to use software designed for Hotels, Motels, Guesthouses and Hostels of all sizes

Omega offers supplementary features to the Comprehensive POS Software


O-Live Mobility

Mobile POS solutions designed for the iPod and iPad allow your staff to submit orders at the table, and provide managers with mobile access to manager functions for more efficiency, with fast and complete POS functionality.

Delivery Call Center

Omega Call Center is an efficient solution for Delivery Businesses. It is a powerful hub of information collection and exchange. The system will distribute all the deliveries from the Call Center Server to the branches depending on the zone. And any call will be managed through the
Call Center, and will be assigned to its branch automatically


Table Reservation

O-Live Table Reservation integrates with the POS to increase your revenue by optimizing your table inventory and tracking customer seating and dining preference. Table Reservation software maximizes covers and provides superior guest experience using caller ID interface and auto cancellation.

Inventory Management

The inventory tracking capabilities within O-Market detail which products are selling, what needs to be reordered and identifies items that have been stolen or are otherwise missing. The integrated purchasing functionality is used to track vendor lists, manage item costs and generate and receive purchase orders. Stock can be counted or received away from the register using the integrated Pocket Inventory software on a handheld computer.



In addition to the 500 reports that you can generate in the back office and send to the managers and owners via email, O-Track offers a platform where superiors can log in and view sales and business results in real time on mobiles, tablets or personal computers anywhere in the world.

Merits offers your business a customer loyalty program and a marketing solution that works. Connect with your customers through Merits’ wide-ranging marketing communication tool, and create effective marketing campaigns. With your access to the campaign’s results, you can analyze the outcomes and refine your marketing strategy.



Now you can finally offer your customers online delivery with advanced features, by being part of Bitfood network. With Bitfood your customers can order online via website or via the mobile app, and track their orders from the moment they are dispatched till they reach their door. You can also manage your orders, menu and drivers for maximum efficiency and least delivery time from the restaurant app and driver app all integrated together.


Hospital System

Enterprise Integrated Hospital Software

Hospital management System designed for use in any hospital that desire to achieve efficiency in operations. It offers functionalities that cover the entire range of hospital activities. Each hospital is unique in its requirements and priorities. Hence this offering that provides flexibility to all hospitals, whether large or medium sized, to choose from various modules to match their specific needs. Customizations of modules to suit the hospital unique requirements will be done to suite specific hospital needs. The package is integrated to Biometrics and has an online smartcard integration.

Hospital Management System is a comprehensive package that includes various modules which cater to different functional areas of healthcare institutions. The Hospital Management System offers the flexibility to choose and implement only those modules which are required in any health care institution.

Among the modules in the system include:

    • Patient Registration and next of kin relations. The module uses Biometrics or smartcards for unique identifications.
    • Doctor’s module.
    • Administration dashboard
    • Cash and invoicing billing module
    • Debtors and creditors management.

  • Asset management.
  • Claims management
  • Outpatient management
  • Inpatient management
  • Ward and Beds management
  • Help desk
  • Triage
  • ICD-10
  • General Store and sub store inventory management
  • Pharmacy module
  • Dental
  • Emergency, Casualty, ICU & HDU.
  • Radiology including MRI, CT scan, X-rays etc.
  • Laboratory and integration to lab machines.
  • Theater
  • Physiotherapy
  • Procedures
  • Mortuary
  • Security Module
  • etc..

School Software


ELCEN® is a Windows® based comprehensive school management system that can work in a networked environment where it connects to all teachers and users within. It can also work in a single computer and deliver the required results. In a networked environment teachers can be able to mark exams online for their classes and then it will be possible to do electronic ranking for all students. This method ensures that the records are saved electronically for current referencing and future queries.It is available for primary and secondary schools or as combination of both (Can also be used by other advanced school based institutions) and currently has the following modules:

  • Register Master for Teachers and Students
  • Class Management
  • Fee Management
  • Library Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Ledger Accounting
  • Budget Accounting
  • Ledger Reports
  • School Reports
  • Data Imports and Exports from Microsoft Excel or text files.

ELCEN® is a real time integrated system whose purpose is to ease the burden of record management, report management, and student tracking from teachers and let them concentrate on their primary objective. It also relieves the management the trouble of the manual system by enhancing stream-lined operations, better administration control and smart revenue management. It meticulously achieves this by simplifying complex and complicated tasks to a mere click and scroll on the computer!
ELCEN® is easy to use and very customizable such that all your requirements will be easily met.

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Sacco Software

SAVCO® is a group of Windows® based software products that are used by SACCOs, Credit Finance and Micro Finance Institutions.
Savco® is a perfect intuitive user-friendly enterprise solution for Micro-finance and SACCO institutions operating under simpler & complex finance environment, that lets you manage all activities of front office(FOSA & all banking activities) & back office(BOSA & all loans processes) with ease and confidence.In general SAVCO® has computerized:

  • Comprehensive Membership and Customer registers
  • Remittance, Savings & Member Shares Management
  • Loan Management :Applications, Guarantorship, Loan Refinancing, Loan Appraisals
  • Front Office (Banking) Customer Service
  • Fixed Deposits, Standing Orders and Teller Services
  • Business Activities module that allow sale of products to members on credit/cash
  • Member Specific Reporting and Standard Reporting
  • ATMs services – SAVCO® Cards
  • SMS Services – Pepe SMS
  • Automated Services – SAVCO® Live
  • Ledger Accounting : Balance Sheets, profit &amp Loss Statements, Cash Flow
  • Budget Accounting &amp Controls
  • Data Imports and Exports from Microsoft Excel or text files
  • Un-Limited User Customization

SAVCO® is a real time integrated system which means that loans, shares, statements, income and expenses and all accounting are updated immediately. You get your results immediately not at any period end.
SAVCO® is easy to use and very customizable such that all your requirements will be easily met.

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POS & Inventory Systems


ZANAS® is a stock and sales inventory system that is easy use and learn. It is real time and has perpetual inventory- that is stock balances are calculated as they are received, transferred or sold.
It is integrated with G/L accounting at real time and financial reports can be produced at any time. It is suitable for small/large inventories.Among the modules in the system include:

  • Stock/Inventory Control
  • Sales Management & Processing
  • ZanaPOS® Point of Sale
  • Front Office (Banking) Customer Service
  • Purchases Management & Processing
  • Ledger Accounting & Budgeting
  • Member Specific Reporting and Standard Reporting
  • Zanas® Reporting
  • Zanas® Special Features Highlights

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HR & Payroll Software


KAZLIPA® is a full featured payroll system with full capabilities and that is extremely easy to use. You can use it to run your payroll whether you are a single company or multi-company organization because it supports multiple hire and pay companies. That is, the software will produce reports for several other companies within your group and enable payments at different times.It produces all required reports and can export net payments to any bank. The format required by your bank can be created by yourself or done by our team and then sent to to you to add it to the menu.

Employee Information

With just minimal information, new employees can be setup and ready to be paid. Additional information, when available, can be added to the master file with our easy employee payroll set up system. The system allows only unique employee number and it is impossible to have duplicates.

Employee Lookups

A simple multifaceted employee lookup is available in all screens and locating employees can be done by partial first or last names, employee type, company or location. This lookup is used in the master file as well as during payroll input.

Multiple Pay Transactions by Employee

An unlimited number of pay earnings, deductions, taxes and other rates can be maintained for each employee. This is important if you have employees who work at different jobs with different rates of pay.

Historical Data

Historical data is recorded up to the capacity of your computers and the rest can be archived in MS Excel Formats. Reports can select from current and historical data – for example you can reproduce an employee’s tax card of several years ago.

Payroll Data Input

Import data from a time and attendance system – KAZLIPA can accept payroll input from any time clock or time keeping system that produces an interface.

Import data in Excel® format

KAZLIPA can import data entered into an Excel® worksheet. Use this feature to import hours, pay transactions, mass basic increments.

Trial Payroll

You have the ability to ask “what if” by running a trial payroll for an employee, pay group or the whole company. You can view trial payslips and reports and correct if necessary before running the final payroll.

Payroll Processing

Process payroll on your schedule – Since you control the payroll process, you process payroll at any time at your convenience. You can process one employee, pay group or single companies. Each pay group can be weekly, biweekly, monthly or any frequency you choose.

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ERP Solutions


At its core Enterprise offers the typical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules of accounts, order processing, stock, manufacturing and job costing. By offering a range of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules, such as email, document management, graphical calendars and schedulers, and a bulletin board, all in the same application, Enterprise is able to deliver a unique level of interaction between its component elements. Enterprise also provides a series of modules designed for specific industries, all with the same potential for interaction with other parts of the system.

Integrated software approach

HansaWorld’s integrated approach means that information is stored in one database, thus all parts of the system are connected by default and there is no need to interface different applications to work together. As your business grows, Enterprise can be expanded by adding new modules to your integrated business software suite. The selection of features ranges from e-mail, tasks and a multi-user calendar to e-commerce solutions for example taking orders from customers via your website. You can find more information by selecting Solutions from the left menu or by downloading the product brochure.

Mixed platform

You can mix and match different operating systems in your implementation. The server can be run on various compilations of Unix, Linux, Apple OS and Windows, and users can log in on Windows, Apple OS, Linux, web browsers and on a range of mobile devices.

Wide-area networking and mobility

As the fastest modern business management solution on the market, it is simple to run Enterprise from multiple locations, from home or when mobile, without terminal emulation or other third-party solutions. If you want real-time management reporting across many shops, offices or companies, look no further. Enterprise has written versions to run on mobile devices, such as Nokia smartphones, PDAs, tablets and iPhones.

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