ZANAS® is a stock and sales inventory system that is easy use and learn. It is real time and has perpetual inventory- that is stock balances are calculated as they are received, transferred or sold.
It is integrated with G/L accounting at real time and financial reports can be produced at any time. It is suitable for small/large inventories.

Among the modules in the system include:

Stock/Inventory Control

  • Item Details, Categorization and Groupings
  • Automatic Barcodes Generator
  • Item Profit Margins, Discount % etc
  • Stock Taking & Stocking Adjustments
  • Item Re-Packaging from Bulk to smaller Packages or vice-versa
  • Stock Valuations (Average Cost)
  • Issue to Employees for Promotions & Internal Delivery
  • Multi-Location Stock Controls & Balances
  • Inter Location Transfers
  • PLU (Price Look-Up) Codes
  • Empties Control e.g. for Sodas, Gas Cylinders etc
  • Re-order Level Processing


Sales Management & Processing

  • Customer Details
  • Cash and Credit Sales
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Customer Frequent Purchase Template kept to easy the purchase process
  • Debtor Payments & Reconciliations
  • Sale Returns
  • Fiscal and Non Fiscal Receipts
  • Customer Reports
  • Sales Orders and Statements
  • Debtors Reports and other reports with Aging Analysis
  • Employee Reports – Issues & Returns


ZanaPOS® Point of Sale

  • Fiscal and Non Fiscal Receipts. All major fiscal (ETR) & ESD machines integrated to our system.
  • Existing fiscal printers & ESD can as well be integrated
  • Supervisor controls on price changes, discount limits, stock returns on the till
  • Dynamic easy Item-Search options
  • Barcodes & Reference numbers
  • Ability to restrict cashiers by locations & product groups/categories
  • Cashier Cash-Up control
  • Cashier Daily sales report (X-Report)
  • Day End Sales Report (Z-Report by cashiers)
  • Ability to complete sales process without printing to allow a designated cashier to receive cash & print the receipts upon receiving cash
  • Item message alerts/warnings as set by the administrator
  • Ability to put transactions on hold & proceed with other sales


Purchases Management & Processing

  • Supplier Details
  • Cash Purchases Orders
  • Credit Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Returns
  • Creditor Payments and Reconciliations
  • PD Cheques postings
  • Frequent Supplied Items List kept as a template to easy the purchase process


  • Supplier Details
  • Cash Purchases Orders
  • Credit Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Returns
  • Creditor Payments and Reconciliations
  • PD Cheques postings
  • Frequent Supplied Items List kept as a template to easy the purchase process

Ledger Accounting & Budgeting

  • Journal Transaction Management
  • Recurrent Transactions
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Trial Balances, Balance sheets etc
  • Income and Expenses Statement
  • Cash Flow Statements


Zanas® Reporting

  • Ledger Reports : Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance (with Notes), Account Summaries,
  • Transaction Reports : Account Statements, Journal postings, unposted transactions,
  • Income & Expenditure Statements
  • Sales Reports: Daily/Monthly/Annual Sales Summaries, Profit/Loss Computations, Aged Debtor Statements etc
  • Stock Reports : Stock Movements, Item Tracking, Location Transfers, Re-Orders Processing & Stock Valuations
  • Purchases Reports : Aged Supplier Statements, Daily/monthly/Annual Summaries etc
  • Employee Reports – Issues & Returns
  • + Many others customized reporting options


Zanas® Special Features Highlights

  • Export and Import from Excel
  • Ability to view a report from all windows
  • Reports can be exported to any format
  • A graphical panel showing process flow
  • Free Robust Server Database (Oracle or IBM DB2)
  • Automatic Backups
  • Easy to customize to suit specific client requirements
  • Client customized reports, experts highlights etc


Target Zanas® Users

  • Suitable for Retail Shops, Supermarkets, Hardware Stores, Chemists/Pharmacies, Wholesalers, Distributors etc
  • Below are some screenshots of the system



Data Representation (Exports & Imports)

ZanaPOS® Data Representation :

  • Remittances can be exported and imported through Microsoft Excel or Text Files
  • Automates regular charges, standing orders, loan penalties and any other user required automation.
  • Easy in data entry and allows storage of recurrent and repetitive transactions so that they are used again without re-keying. This saves time and ensures accuracy.
  • Has all standard reports including those requested by regulatory bodies.
  • Can Import and export data to Microsoft Excel, Word, Internet, Acrobat and universal rich text format.
  • Unlimited number of standard and customizable reports.
  • No Limit in number of users, members, customers, accounts, or transactions.
  • Has immense audit control on all records including creation date, modifying date, by who and when.
  • Does not limit you in the amount of data, both current and historical that you can store.

Remittances can be entered one by one or within a journal batch where several are entered before being posted. Journals can be imported from Microsoft Excel or text files to be processed and posted. They can be retained as recurrent such that they are re-used every periods with minor changes. The Excel Importing is very advanced and users can design worksheets with formulas and forms that resemble their own office documents.

System Security

ZanaPOS® Security

  • Security is implemented by use of usernames and passwords.
  • Security is also achieved by use of usergroups & profiles that defines the specific roles & functions of an individual or particular individuals
  • The system keeps an audit trail of all transactions

ZanaPOS® System Requirements


ZanaPOS® employs client server technology where it is installed in a user computer and is independent of the database to be used. The same software connects to multiple databases either of any type. The user makes the choice of where the data is stored and can e IBM DB2, Oracle or Ms Access databases.
Oracle and IBM DB2 are used in a network environment and for medium and large organisations. They allow hundreds of computers distributed locally or within a large geographical area to access data. Software licences and the databases are bought separately for large organization with large number of members. however, there are free Express editions that can be used for small and medium companies and have all functions of licensed full products.

User Requirements

    • The client can be installed on any PC running on any Windows version released after year 1999.
    • A Pentium PC with over 256 MB memory and over 20GB hard disk is preferred. Higher specifications personal computers will deliver better performance. We recommend memory of 512MB or above and disk space of 60GB or above for optimum performance.


    • Oracle and IBM DB2

Oracle and IBM DB2 are supported and should be installed in a Pentium 4 or above Server or workstation with a memory of 512MB or above and at least 80GB hard disk or above. The server should be running Linux, Unix or Microsoft Window servers. We recommend memory of 1G and above.

    • Flat Database MS Access Compatible

Ms Access compatible is a flat file database and can be placed in any server taking into account of available disk space for current and future growth.


Any configuration of TCP/IP network will work. Local Area Network may work with any number of computers as long as there is enough server memory. Bandwidth of remote connections should be adequate and will be determined by the number of remote connections. Small bandwidths will make remote computers respond slowly.

ZanaPOS® Licenses & Support

Standard ZanaPOS® Licensing & Support:

Licence Notes:

    • No Limit on Number of Users or number of sites.
    • Zanas® License is given to the entire organization.
    • Zanas® License is supplied and paid within initial cost.
    • Zanas® License is permanent – No annual or renewal fees.
    • Zanas® License is not transferable to other parties.
    • Free Oracle/DB2 database available for small and medium organization.
    • Oracle/DB2 Licenses can be obtained from Providers or Dealers.
    • Only Oracle/DB2 server licenses are required as SAVCO users do not need database licenses.

Support Notes:

  • Annual Software Support Agreement is signed after the system is in production.
  • Support Agreement is necessary so as to receive updates and be assistated at all times.
  • Data Entry and Outsourcing (Maintaining, entering and Serving SACCO Customers) is payable.
  • Data Outsourcing is charged at the lowest available rate in the market.
  • We support our partner�s customers indirectly or directly through their own Vendor. We still can support you even when the software and the impementation was done by a third party or software dealer as long as we have software agreement with you.

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