ZANAS® is a stock and sales inventory system that is easy use and learn. It is real time and has perpetual inventory- that is stock balances are calculated as they are received, transferred or sold.
It is integrated with G/L accounting at real time and financial reports can be produced at any time. It is suitable for small/large inventories.

Among the modules in the system include:

Stock/Inventory Control

  • Item Details, Categorization and Groupings
  • Automatic Barcodes Generator
  • Item Profit Margins, Discount % etc
  • Stock Taking & Stocking Adjustments
  • Item Re-Packaging from Bulk to smaller Packages or vice-versa
  • Stock Valuations (Average Cost)
  • Issue to Employees for Promotions & Internal Delivery
  • Multi-Location Stock Controls & Balances
  • Inter Location Transfers
  • PLU (Price Look-Up) Codes
  • Empties Control e.g. for Sodas, Gas Cylinders etc
  • Re-order Level Processing

Sales Management & Processing

  • Customer Details
  • Cash and Credit Sales
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Customer Frequent Purchase Template kept to easy the purchase process
  • Debtor Payments & Reconciliations
  • Sale Returns
  • Fiscal and Non Fiscal Receipts
  • Customer Reports
  • Sales Orders and Statements
  • Debtors Reports and other reports with Aging Analysis
  • Employee Reports – Issues & Returns

ZanaPOS® Point of Sale

  • Fiscal and Non Fiscal Receipts. All major fiscal (ETR) & ESD machines integrated to our system.
  • Existing fiscal printers & ESD can as well be integrated
  • Supervisor controls on price changes, discount limits, stock returns on the till
  • Dynamic easy Item-Search options
  • Barcodes & Reference numbers
  • Ability to restrict cashiers by locations & product groups/categories
  • Cashier Cash-Up control
  • Cashier Daily sales report (X-Report)
  • Day End Sales Report (Z-Report by cashiers)
  • Ability to complete sales process without printing to allow a designated cashier to receive cash & print the receipts upon receiving cash
  • Item message alerts/warnings as set by the administrator
  • Ability to put transactions on hold & proceed with other sales

Purchases Management & Processing

  • Supplier Details
  • Cash Purchases Orders
  • Credit Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Returns
  • Creditor Payments and Reconciliations
  • PD Cheques postings
  • Frequent Supplied Items List kept as a template to easy the purchase process

Ledger Accounting & Budgeting

  • Journal Transaction Management
  • Recurrent Transactions
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Trial Balances, Balance sheets etc
  • Income and Expenses Statement
  • Cash Flow Statements

Zanas® Reporting

  • Ledger Reports : Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance (with Notes), Account Summaries,
  • Transaction Reports : Account Statements, Journal postings, unposted transactions,
  • Income & Expenditure Statements
  • Sales Reports: Daily/Monthly/Annual Sales Summaries, Profit/Loss Computations, Aged Debtor Statements etc
  • Stock Reports : Stock Movements, Item Tracking, Location Transfers, Re-Orders Processing & Stock Valuations
  • Purchases Reports : Aged Supplier Statements, Daily/monthly/Annual Summaries etc
  • Employee Reports – Issues & Returns
  • + Many others customized reporting options

Zanas® Special Features Highlights

  • Export and Import from Excel
  • Ability to view a report from all windows
  • Reports can be exported to any format
  • A graphical panel showing process flow
  • Free Robust Server Database (Oracle or IBM DB2)
  • Automatic Backups
  • Easy to customize to suit specific client requirements
  • Client customized reports, experts highlights etc

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