About Us

Providing comprehensive talent solutions.

PrimeSoft Solutions (K) Ltd is an ICT Company committed to providing cutting-edge enterprise ICT solutions to small, medium and large sized organizations.

Since our inception in 2007, We have implemented our varied solutions in over 200 establishments in Kenya and Tanzania thereby becoming a market leader in the fast growing and dynamic ICT industry.

We are about technology and technology is about us.

All our operations are geared to ensure that our clients derive maximum benefits from the use of our solutions.
To achieve this, we undertake the following key activities
1) Business Development
2) Implementation
3) Training
4) Support
5) Product & Services Review.
PrimeSoft Solutions (K) Ltd is committed to marketing, sales, implementation, training and provision of support services on the following Products range.
1) Enterprise Business Software Solutions
2) Internet Services & WAN Network
3) Structures Cabling & Networking
4) CCTV Surveillance System

Find me the perfect software for my business needs.