MaliPlus Payroll

MaliPlus Payroll® is a full featured payroll system with full capabilities and that is extremely easy to use. You can use it to run your payroll whether you are a single company or multi-company organization because it supports multiple hire and pay companies. That is, the software will produce reports for several other companies within your group and enable payments at different times.

With just minimal information, new employees can be setup and ready to be paid. Additional information, when available, can be added to the master file with our easy employee payroll set up system. The system allows only unique employee number and it is impossible to have duplicates. The system allows one to captures key employee details:

  • Bio details
  • References
  • Employee Assignments
  • Leaves
  • Departures

An unlimited number of pay earnings, deductions, taxes and other rates can be maintained for each employee. This is important if you have employees who work at different jobs with different rates of pay. Some of the key features available include;

  • Pay Group Definitions
  • Multiple Pay Transactions
  • Payroll Processing
  • Trial Payroll

Clock In/Out Module

MaliPlus Payroll provides a time attendance system for recording employees clock in and out times for purposes of accurate payroll processing.

Payroll Data Input

Import data from a time and attendance system – MALIPLUS-PAYROLL can accept payroll input from any time clock or time keeping system that produces an interface.

Import data in Excel® format

MALIPLUS-PAYROLL can import data entered into an Excel® worksheet. Use this feature to import hours, pay transactions, mass basic increments.

Time sheets

Process time sheets for any employee anytime you need it with ease. These timesheets are taken into consideration during payroll processing

State of the art business analytic tools are provided that can aid in making articulate decisions for the company. From Profit/Loss graphs to revenue collection charts, we have it all covered for you.

  • Staff Analytics
  • Payroll Analytics
  • Accounting Analytics

  • Report menus are user customizable and also supports own report development.
  • Reports can be sent via mail electronic media and added to the system by the user.
  • Payslips can be saved or sent via mail as attachments in Ms Word, Ms Excel, Acrobat PDF or Rich Text.
  • Authority tax forms are produced individually or company-wide and previous years can also be accessed.