Maliplus SAVCO


MaliPlus Savings and Credit is a set of Windows® based software product that focuses on managing SACCOs, Credit Finance and Micro Finance Institutions.

MaliPlus Savings and Credit is a real time integrated system which means that loans, shares, statements, income and expenses and all accounting transactions are updated immediately. You get your results immediately not at any period end.
MaliPlus Savings and Credit is easy to use and very customizable such that all your requirements will be easily met.




Customer Register
The customer basic details are captured here for reference purposes. They are grouped into:
  • Customer Details:
  • Beneficiaries:
  • Customer References:
  • Customer Accounts:
Associations Register
MaliPlus Association module enables registering of associations within a microfinance and keep track of all transactions done by  its members. It consists of:
  • Association Details:
  • Members:
  • Group Transactions:
Defines product management for loan,savings and shares
  • Gives standard controls and parameters to define products.
  • Allows you to create your own controls.
  • Allows you to define unlimited product types.
  • Allows you to design products the way you want including interest rates, maximum and minimum amounts, standard insurances and other commissions and charges.
  • All Loan and shares products are user configurable with numerous parameters, keywords and standards that brings the exact solution that fits you. You can even design your own commissions and charges and apply them to loans.

Loan Management


This module handles the loan processing right from loan application requisitions to repayment calculations.

  • Loan can be sent to FOSA (banking) directly on approval.
  • Loans can be serviced by Savings (FOSA) automatically.
  • Members can have several concurrent active loans each with different completion periods.
  • Automatic dividend calculations and transfers to member’s shares or loans.
  • Saving interest are calculated as advised based on user selectable methods and are transferred to customer accounts directly.
Loans are applied  in this module. A customer name is picked then  a loan applied.It contains  loan product , interest method,effective date ,repayment period and the loan amount being applied.
This module is used to indicate the persons who  have agreed and given their consent to back up the person seeking loan with their shares or deposits. You can choose to set the number of minimum or maximum guarantors within the loan product settings menu.
The loan product can be designed to have numerous loan charges that are deducted from the final loan given to the customers. These commission and charges are added automatically when you create and update loan application. You can also add ad-hoc charges (which are not designed on the loan product) to cater for special situations.
Collaterals are defined in the client details window and a loan product setting can be setup such that it requires collateral. When defining loan collateral requirements, you can also define the Collateral Max percentage which is the percentage of the payable loan that is covered by the collateral. If you do not define it, then 100% of the payable loan will be assumed. Payable loan is loan + interest.
Loan appraisals are done to determine the client’s ability to repay loan.
All loans should be approved before being disbursed.One can set the number of people required to approve a loan.Incase of dissapproval a reason is given. Later the approval is confirmed.
Once the loan applied has been approved its now disbursed to the client. We create the disbursement with the amount being disbursed then it is approved. The bank account is specified and sent to that account. The system also allows double disbursement where the amount does not necessarily have to be disbursed once.
Amortization table shows payment pattern depending on the loan values and the interest method in use. It uses the repayment period given to calculate .The deduction column shows the net loan payment using this method.
This module show how a loan has been paid since the time it was acquired. It has two modules :Transactions and Period Balances. Transactions show the transactions of a given loan .The period balances gives a summary for the month.

Banking Services


Includes all teller activities defined in the system:

  • Member Deposit (COL) – Used when a customer wants to deposit money to his account
  • Withdraw Member Deposits to Savings Account(COS) – Used when money is being withdrawn from the member deposits to his savings account
  • Transfer Savings to Member Deposits (COT) – Used when money is being transferred from the savings account to member deposits
  • Transfer Savings to Member Share Capital (SHW) – used when transferring savings to the member share capital account
  • Loan Interest Payments (INT) – Used for payments of interest on the loans acquired
  • Recover Loan Interest from Savings (INW) – Used to recover interests from savings
  • Loan Principal Payment (LOA) – Used when making payments for loan principal
  • Recover Loan Principal from Savings (LOW) – Used to recover loan principal from savings account
  • Loan Penalty Payment (PEN) – used for payments of loan penalty
  • Recover Loan Penalty from Savings (PEW) – Used to recover penalty from the savings
  • Share Capital Payments(SHR) – Used when a customer wants to make payment for the shares obtained
  • Withdraw Share Capital to Savings – Used when you want to transfer your share capital into savings
  • Customers Deposits/Savings : Cash & Cheque deposits
  • Customer Cash Withdrawals
  • Cheque Clearance & charges
  • Cashier Cash Controls (Controlled cashier activities & balances)
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Standing Orders
  • Account Funds Transfers
  • Business Activities Transactions & Revaluations
  • Saving Interest management
  • Over-draft services & charges

and many other services as defined in the system

Customized Reports


  • Produces statements for members and customers that can be printed or saved as word excel web pages and acrobat files to be sent via e-mail.
  • Allows you online inquiries on balances, history and statements.
  • Gives loan loan/share statements that can have your logos implemented.
  • Allows special reports to print slips on special printers like the 60 0r 80 mm roll printers.

MaliPlus Savings and Credit comes with standard reports and queries and users can add more or request more from service providers.

Additional reports can be sent to users on request.

Outputs from reports can be printed or saved as:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Rich Texts
  • WEB Pages
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Acrobat portable documents
  • Send by Mail

For example the system automatically generates member statement on any of the above format such that users can be sent statements as mail attachment and thus saving on paper.

Accouting and Budget Control

MaliPlus Savings and Credit accounting is flexible and allows you to structure your own chart of accounts by giving broad blocks on which to build on. A template chart of accounts is provided to give you a good start. Available functionalities handle all aspects of financial accounting, budgeting, reporting, consolidation and transaction processing with the appropriate internal controls.

  • Dynamic Branch Accounting & SASRA Compliant Reporting
  • Journal Transaction Management
  • Recurrent Transactions
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Trial Balances, Balance sheets etc
  • Income and Expenses Statement
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Legder Trails on all accounts

MaliPlus Bulk SMS & Email Integration




  • BulkSMS Integration for sending loan balances, loan products promotions among others.
  • Branded SMS registrations
  • BulkSMS charged at 1/- across all networks
  • Automatic Email Sending of Loan Statements using MaliPlus Java-mail


Mobile Apps


The M+ customer app brings all the services a customer needs right on their fingertips. It has an appealing and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate through.

Some of the services offered include:

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Print Mini Statement and reports
  • Transactions dashboard
  • Apply a loan
The M+teller app enables mobility in the dispense of both FOSA and BOSA services. It is tailored to be handled by a loan officer or any other authorized personnel of the company.

Some of the services offered include:

  • Customers Deposits/Savings : Cash & Cheque deposits
  • Customer Cash Withdrawals
  • Customer Balance Inquiry
  • Print Mini Statement and reports
  • Transactions dashboard
  • Loan Applications
  • Over-draft services & charges
  • Account funds transfer

System Gallery

Loan Application

Customer Register

Teller Transactions

Ledger Transactions

Journal Transactions

Ledger Trail