What positions Maliplus Enterprise ahead of other Software!

The system is called MaliPlus Enterprise.

What positions  our software ahead of others is, we specialize in cutting-edge solutions beyond the core system.

  1. Mobility through cloud services and our three mobile applications: Customer Orders App, Field Salesmen App and the Core System App.
  2. Offline sync features on Point Of Sale (POS) and invoice sales with secure automatic sync.
  3. Mpesa Integration with automated Mpesa paybill/till No. payments postings.
  4. Branded automated integrated bulk SMS that read your company name.
  5. Loyalty points.
  6. Prepayments management in debtors and creditors.
  7. Multiple payment options for transactions that gives a good cash flow management.
  8. Sale/purchase quotations, orders and deliveries/grins with automatic conversions to cash/invoice transactions.
  9. Recipes/structured items with automated stock updates.
  10. Item mapping features that enable one to sell one product in different packaging and prices.
  11. Repackaging feature that break bulk for stock items.
  12. Integrated Production module.
  13. Automated branch accounting & cost centers.
  14. Income n expenses (Cashbook) module.
  15. Automated billing for recurring invoices/subscriptions.
  16. Printer redirections/mapping for different transaction type: cash sales, invoices, orders etc.
  17. Fiscal devices (ESD and Fiscal Printers- FPs) integration.
  18. Unlimited users and computers.

All these highlights make MaliPlus Enterprise superior to Zanas, QB, Sage Pastel and most other software.

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