4th October, 2019

What positions Maliplus Enterprise ahead of other Software!

The system is called MaliPlus Enterprise. What positions  our software ahead of others is, we specialize in cutting-edge solutions beyond the core system. Mobility through cloud services and our three mobile applications: Customer Orders App, Field Salesmen App and the Core System App. Offline sync features on Point Of Sale...

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2nd October, 2019

Starting an Information Communication Technology Company!

If you decided to get in shape, there's not a lot of mystery about WHAT you need to do. Exercise, eat right, drink water, get plenty of sleep, etc. There's no magic or gimmicky thing you can do.  You simply have to put in the work. And, THAT is the...

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1st October, 2019

Basics on how to create an Android Application from scratch!

Android Application development is more than just picking an idea, scribbling code and posting it on google app store for everyone to see. It took our developers a year to finally figure out what it takes to create a mobile app. During the development of our three Apps, Maliplus+ Orders...

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